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Artcam Pro 2012 Portable




wifi camera on ubuntu is this working? greenmang0, What do you want to do? !details | younder younder: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with..., I'm running Ubuntu version.... When I try to do..., I get the following output:..., but I expected it to do..." greenmang0, search. I have been using Ubuntu (as the desktop or on my android device) since 2004 younder: make a wifi hotspot greenmang0: Ubuntu is more than just a "WiFi hotspot". theadmin: ok... what else does ubuntu do? greenmang0: Well, it's a Linux distribution, so it does basically everything you could do on a Linux distribution. There's Ubuntu, Debian, Mint, Ubuntu Studio... Ubuntu Phone is on the horizon. greenmang0: Also, there's Ubuntu Studio, which is just an Ubuntu installation for the video and audio production apps. i want to backup my ubuntu system to another partition and reinstall the entire system into a new partition is it possible? SudoMonkey: yes. SudoMonkey: yes dax: how? SudoMonkey: Yes, backup, install on new disk, copy filesystems over... greenmang0, theeasiest way is to setup your phone as a hotspot greenmang0, Otherwise you have to use some script which is much more complicated. younder: i don't want to use my phone as a hotspot... i want to make it a hotspot and give to my friends what is the name of the partition? SudoMonkey: are you trying to backup one partition? two separate partitions? backup and reinstall the whole




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Artcam Pro 2012 Portable

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